Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: June 21st-27th

Check out last week’s favorites HERE.

  • THIS blog post about the 24 hour readathon Noura did has me wishing I could do one! I also really loved Noura’s Forest of Souls book tag! It’s a book I’m really excited for so check out the tag HERE.
  • If you’re looking for some more books to read by Black authors ,be sure to check out THIS post by Neelam!
  • I am SO EXCITED to read Talia Hibbert’s new book Take a Hint, Dani Brown! Check out Carolynn’s review for it HERE.
  • I really want to do a Mid Year Freak Out book tag! I loved all the books Leelynn chose to feature! Check it out HERE.
  • This was such a great interview Krisha did with Maggie Tokuda-Hall! I’m super excited to read her book! Check out the interview HERE.
  • Okay I am really excited for some of these books and the ones that I hadn’t known about are definitely on my radar now! Check out Mayurakshi’s post about which books she’d slay a lion for to read HERE.

Tiffany is literally so adorable and I am so excited to watch all of her videos! I picked up Loveboat, Taipei because of her and it is seriously so relatable! Definitely excited to read Jade City and I trust her reviews A LOT.

Natalia is a ray of sunshine and if anyone can talk about a book for 20 minutes it OBVIOUSLY has to be read?! So yeah, this is definitely on my TBR if it wasn’t before!

This was really fun and I think I kind of want to do this challenge!

welcome Ash to booktube! I’m so excited to watch their videos and see all their recs!

This is just so creative and great! I don’t think I could ever do this hahahha Plus… eating blue food WHILE TRASHING the movies. I’m down

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