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Agent Zaiba Investigates the Poison Plot

Agent Zaiba Investigates the Poison Plot by Annabelle Sami

Publication Date: July 23, 2020

Rating: 5/5

Determined to be the world’s greatest detective, Zaiba is always on the lookout for a crime to solve!
Zaiba can’t wait for the school summer fair where she’s going to run a detective trail to help train other potential agents! But when the head teacher is poisoned during the highly competitive cake competition, Zaiba’s own skills are put to the test. With a whole host of suspects and a busy crime scene, Zaiba needs to stay focused if she’s going to get to the bottom of the cake catastrophe…


While you don’t have to have read the first book, I did review that one as well and you can check it out HERE!

I received this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my thoughts which are unbiased.

Zaiba is absolutely adorable in this next mystery. She takes charge and I love that she’s a great leader AND takes the time to make sure her friends also get to speak up and have their moment to learn and be stellar kid detectives!

I loved the fun cake baking competition idea and all the little blues scattered throughout the book. Zaiba and the rest of the Snow Leopards are so fun! The deductions they make and lists they had were absolutely great!

This was just a great light, fun read that I just know middle grade readers would love! It’s refreshing and quick (I finished it in around two hours!) and has all the perfect elements for a mystery! Also, I love the artwork scattered between the the chapters! It really added to the story and made it even more enjoyable!

Also, the friendship between Zaiba and Poppy and Ali is so wholesome! This really is just a great book of friendship and teamwork!

If you enjoy murder mystery scavenger hunts, cake baking competitions, and *gasp* poison! You should definitely pick this up! You’ll find really smart kids that solve puzzles, sneaky adults that underestimate kids, acts of jealousy and passion, and amazing teamwork and friendships in this wonderful middle grade mystery!

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