Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: July 19th-25th

Wow it’s been a while but in that time I really had to figure out my life but anyway I’m back to procrastinating by reading blogs and watching booktube. This time I have a ton more blog posts because I didn’t get a chance to watch as much booktube. So anyway, enjoy! And if you want, check out last time’s favorites HERE.

  • I’m a big fan of musicals and though I don’t listen to them often I’m definitely going to have to listen to a few of the ones I haven’t that are based on books! Hana has some great recs HERE.
  • I love this post about things Jas wants to do because of books! It’s so creative and there are so many books that have made me want to either change career paths or so something different and new! Check out the post HERE!
  • Check out this beautiful Muslim Shelf space and discussion about seeing Muslim rep from The Djinn Reader HERE.
  • Honestly I have been struggling a lot with productivity for the last few months and Kate’s post about work-life-blogging balance definitely inspired me to try something new to get my productivity going. Check out the post HERE.
  • Neelam is basically one of my favorite book bloggers and I’m sure you can tell because I post about her blog almost every week! I love her series with inspirational women in Islam. I really have to learn more about these women because I literally never hear about them EVER! Check out this post about Lubna of Cordoba, one of the first solo female travellers who owned a library and super talented. NEW ROLE MODEL. AND if you want to learn about more Amazing Muslims, there’s a book review that features some amazing people HERE.
  • Want to read MORE (I know we say it but then we all actually struggle to do this let’s be honest)? Try some tips from Noura HERE.
  • I’m always wanting more diverse reads and Lauren and Orianna have a perfect post about contemporary books by Asian authors! Check it out HERE.
  • And on that note, you should definitely check out these amazing MG Latinx books recommended by Gabi! Check out the post HERE.
  • I’m oBSESSED with these gorgeous spreads by Alexa! Check out their reading journal HERE.
  • Leelynn may not be a booktuber but I love her blog and you should definitely check out her favorite books in her Black Booktuber Tag post HERE.

I loved this tag and this was great! While enemies to lovers isn’t her favorite trope she still has taste haha

one day I’m going to do a 24 hr readathon but until then I’ll live vicariously through others.

These books sound SO GREAT. The Space Between Worlds is definitely on my radar now!

11 thoughts on “Weekly Favorites: July 19th-25th”

  1. Ahh thank you so much for mentioning me! 🥺💖
    I can’t wait to check out the posts on this list that are new to me, and discover some new people to follow! 🤗

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  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my post!! That means so much 🙂 I also have to check out the tips for reading more and the productivity post you mentioned. Great post!

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