Bookish Merch, USA

June Fairyloot Unboxing


  • Bone Season themed socks
  • ATLA elemental coasters by @noverantale
  • Starless Sea patch by @dustandpages
  • The Shadows Between Us enamel pin by @jezhawk
  • Wonderland Tea Strainer
  • Blood Heir art print by @arz28
  • Paperback green sprayed edges of The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna (this doesn’t release until 2021!!!!)
  • Exclusive edition of Forest of Souls by Lori M Lee with a reversible dust jacket featuring gorgeous art by @arz28 that also came with another exclusive art print and an author letter!


I was so happy seeing Forest of Souls in this box because that’s beena. highly recommended and highly anticipated book for me and the super early copy of the Gilded Ones makes me SUPER EXCITED! I loved the tea strainer a lot because i drink chai every day and it’s so cute but sadly it’s too small for the amount of tea leaves I actually use WHOOPS. The items in this one were actually really useful and I definitely love that!

Price: $33.90/month plus shipping

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