Bookish Merch, USA

July Fae Crate Unboxing

This is a rep package which means you can get a discount using my code Stars5!


  • Katmere Academy patch based on Crave
  • Grace antler necklace from Bone Crier’s Moon
  • Kalayzin Stamp Pin by @BlissfullyBookishCo (from Wicked Saints)
  • Eragon Pin Banner by @VergeofWisteria
  • The Midnight Lie quote lunchbox by @Reading.Revelry
  • Monthly Polaroid featuring Aelin and Fleetfoot by @Kierqe
  • Monthly Year of Olympus art print featuring Darrow from Red Rising. Art by @GabriellaBujdoso
  • The Extraordinaries by TJ Klune with exclusive reversible jacket art and author letter with quote print on other side!
  • Enamel pin exclusive for The Extraordinaires!
  • Ebook of the month: Second Star by Bree Moore


I was really scared because when this box came in the mail it was raining a lot and the whole bottom of the box was pretty soaked. The book had a little bit of water along the spine but thankfully I was able to dry it out and there isn’t any visible damage!

I think my favorite item in this box would be the necklace because I’ve never gotten a necklace before (at least in the States) and it’s really simple and nice! I also love the lunchbox because it’s really useful and the quote is great (plus it has a top that can be frozen!). This is the first time I’ve gotten a pin banner which is great because I’ve started to get quite a collection now so I can start displaying them on my wall now! I’m really excited to dive into the book but I’m also really happy about the ebook! I haven’t seen ebooks given in many boox boxes so that’s really great!

Price: ~$33/month plus shipping (This was my first of 3 rep packages! Make sure to use Stars5 if you’re interested in subscribing!)

5 thoughts on “July Fae Crate Unboxing”

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