Bookish Merch, USA

July Fairyloot Unboxing


  • The item I was really excited about wasn’t included in my box due to manufacturing issues/warehouse issues/damage sadly… it was a Lunar Chronicles food tray designed by EvieBookish
  • Card holder inspired by Queen’s Rising made by @jezhawk
  • Magnetic bookmarks inspired by Woven in Moonlight
  • Ash princess candle by @inthewickoftime
  • Crescent City cushion cover designed by @chattynora
  • Art print of Vasya and Morozko by @dominiquewesson (from Bear and the Nightingale)
  • ADSOM tarot cards (from this month and last month) by Katherine Britt
  • The book of the month was Shielded by Kaylynn Flanders with black sprayed edges and the author letter and art print on the other side by @faeriereverie


Personally, I wasn’t blown away by this box. I did like the cushion design and the candle smelled nice. I really want to read Woven in Moonlight because the magnetic bookmarks were great. Other than that, to be honest I probably should have skipped this month because I’m not super interested in the book and the art prints and tarot cards don’t have an art style that I enjoy (even though I love ADSOM).

Out of the three FairyLoot boxes I got, this one was probably my least favorite BUT it was still okay!

Price: $33.90/month plus shipping

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