Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: September 6th-19th

Check out last time’s HERE.

  • Shealea always has such great blog content and this one is SO IMPORTANT. Read these Mulan retellings instead of wasting your time with the remake! Check out the post HERE.
  • Neelam has been talking about the Bloodprint a lot and I definitely have it on my TBR. If you don’t know what it’s about or want to know if you’d be interested, check out her review HERE.
  • Noura’s finally reading the Ember Quartet and it makes me very happy when people finally start reading these books and love them! Check out her review HERE.
  • I really love time travel books but don’t know many and Carolynn highlights a few HERE. I didn’t know that discovery of witches was a time travel book!!!!
  • There are so many new releases this month it’s hard to keep track so check out some amazing ones HERE.

Mariam’s videos are always pure serotonin but one where she re-reads her faves? Blessed!

I just finished this book and this trailer just PERFECTLY encompasses the whole story so well I’m OBSESSED?!

I definitely got a few book recs and I like how Aissata talks about the books and shows!

We love to see huge book hauls! So many interesting books!

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