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October Favorites (because time is irrelevant)

Check out last time’s HERE. I really thought I was doing a good job keeping up with this but it’s been HARD.

  • Want a great alternative to goodreads that honestly has better features? Check out this post about StoryGraph!
  • This diverse Middle Grade list is so epic and I’m so excited for these! Check it out HERE.
  • Are you new to tiktok or want to make a booktok account? Cait has some great tips for how to get started on the fun stuff! Check it out HERE.
  • If you ever want to try out some poetry, there’s some really great recs from Fanna HERE.
  • This post is so so creative! Book recs based on CHB cabins?! ICONIC. Check it out HERE.
  • Want to learn more about requesting ARCs? Check out THIS post that can help you get started with a few resources!

As someone who’s finally getting to watch Studio Ghibli movies, I just really love these recs based on these wonderful movies!

Cindy never fails to make me laugh. Not only did I get some fun book recs, but also awesome TV shows to eventually watch!

Gargee talking about this epic series?! truly iconic.

This is definitely an interesting video. It was so informative and I think it would be really useful for publishers to take a look at just to see their audience demographics.

I never watched this show but the music was fun and the recs were also great! This was so creative and entertaining!

4 thoughts on “October Favorites (because time is irrelevant)”

  1. These all seem like amazing vids. I’ve bookmarked your post so I can check them out later. I’ve been wanting to start a booktube channel, but my anxiety has been a roadblock lol. Thanks for sharing these!


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