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September Fae Crate Unboxing

This is my 3rd rep package from FaeCrate. Use Stars5 to save on boxes!


  • Lord of the Rings felt bookmarks by @Reading.Revelry
  • Red Rising inspired Bucket Organizer with light!
  • Stolen Songbird SPEAKER
  • Dystopian face mask!
  • Wacross inspired wall hanging
  • We Hunt the Flame polaroid by @ICanDrawThingz (featuring my boys Altair and Nasir!)
  • A Song Below Water’s Tavia and Effie as Poseidon by @Gabriella.Bujdoso
  • The Blackstone Ritual by Swearingen Durham with a gorgeous exclusive embossed design by @noverantale AND a reversible dust jacket with art by Garbiella.Bujdoso AND GOLD GLITTERY SPRAYED EDGES
  • Ebook of the month: The Hidden King by E.G. Radcliff


Honestly, this box was jam packed with amazing items! I honestly just loved all the useful items like the bucket organizer that will be perfect for my desk and charge my phone too! The speaker lights up and I love the quote! Obviously I love having a polaroid of my boys Altair and Nasir! And I’ve loved wearing the dystopian face mask and feeling like I’m training for the zombie apocalypse! The BOOK IS SO GLITTERY AND PRETTY LIKE. HOW. OH MY GOODNESS. AND THE SURPRISE ART ON THE REVERSE JACKET. WOW.

Of the three boxes I’ve received, this is definitely my favorite!

Price: ~$33/month plus shipping (Use Stars5 to save before the end of the month!)

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