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Empire of Gold Spoilery Thoughts

This is gonna be my most scattered post ever because my thoughts are always scattered so bear with me! If you haven’t checked out my review for the book, it’s HERE.

I’m gonna start off with my most surprising opinion and that is Dara GREW UP A LITTLE? Like… his arc?! WOW. *chef’s kiss*. I’m a sucker for character development. Only took him a millenia to realize how just following orders isn’t a good enough reason to destroy families. I especially felt for him halfway through the book when he straight up lost ability to control himself and was forced to do everything. Oof. That hurt.

Yeah. I’m telling you no one is more surprised than me that I felt for Dara at some point because I was always so annoyed with him telling Nahri what to do every chance he got… not to mention the whole genocide thing.

I think there was no other way for Dara’s story to end. I mean he could have chosen death but him choosing to live once more for a final redemption and then choosing to leave Daevabad was a really solid arc choice, I think.

And to switch gears completely, Nahri?! WOW. She spent a bit of time not refusing to consider Daevabad her home because of Cairo (which by the way I very much relate to her feelings of being homesick but also not at the same time). And seeing her fight for her new home like this was just epic. Not to mention the fact that she straight up fought control for herself even though — had her name that even she didn’t know.

Like claiming her name from when she had no memories?! A true power move. Absolutely ICONIC.

Another thing I wanted to talk about was the Peris saying they’re not gonna get involved and then doing everything to get involved. Truly meddlesome stuffed pigeons huh? Honestly Nahri not caring what the peri want was the funniest thing. I loved it!

I really loved the nod to Egyptian mythology with Sobek. It was such a cool tie in. Also the fact that Sobek ships Nahli so hard is HILARIOUS.

Now I personally loved the friendship aspect between Nahri and Alizayd. I love their platonic relationship a lot and while I’m not opposed to Nahri and Ali’s relationship because I do think that it was set up in a way that it was intended to be end game anyway, I’m glad that it ended on an open note where she didn’t just straight up get married but it allowed this idea that their relationship would grow more before they got married, you know? Like I’m definitely happy that Nahri and Muntadhir aren’t married anymore and the fact that the Qahtani siblings betted on how many timed Ali kissed Nahri before the divorce was HILARIOUS.

I do think some post credit scenes showing Ali and Nahri growing til marriage would be really fun to see. A proposal, perhaps? I’d be down.

Okay, anyway, these are my scattered random thoughts about Empire of Gold. So have fun with that.

3 thoughts on “Empire of Gold Spoilery Thoughts”

  1. I just finished this book last night, and your scattered thoughts are right about where I’m at! I’m still reeling that Nahri STABBED HERSELF IN THE HEART to bargain for a better future but also that was pretty on brand for her. I’m also so in love with Jamshid and Nahri’s “sibling” dynamic! I adore them, and I agree I’m happy with how Nahri’s romantic arc was more open ended instead of having her get married at the end. Sobek was a surprising standout character but he (it??) was fabulous in every way.

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