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My Thoughts on Mismatched

So I was extremely excited about Mismatched because it’s inspired by When Dimple Met Rishi which is a really fun contemporary with one of the cutest meet-cutes ever! So of course when it came out I absolutely had to watch it! And I have THOUGHTS. I did a twitter thread with my first reactions but I just really wanted to expand my thoughts about it because the twitter thread just wasn’t enough!

When I first heard about it, I was thrown off because it’s not even called WDMR. BUT I’m glad it wasn’t called the title of the book because it’s not trying to be like Percy Jackson where the title is the same but everything else is completely inaccurate (though I do stand by the fact that the movie is entertaining if you don’t think about it as an adaptation). Right off the bat you KNOW it’s a loose interpretation. Fine by me!

Honestly, I had a fun time watching it in Hindi. I loved the vibe of the whole show even if the original story takes place in the states. It was just a fun twist to make the show its own entity and maybe bring more audience to it, which I totally understand.

The first two episodes were really solid because I loved the contrast in Dimple and Rishi’s personalities. They felt very true to the personalities laid out in the book and I really liked that. The meet cute? Iconic to see on screen!

After this the storyline definitely departs from the original source material a LOT, but I’m actually okay with it. While I didn’t really get the point of all the different subplots with the secondary characters, I liked Namrata’s character a bunch. I HATED the other characters that were just bullies and rude with like “secret” backstories that I’m sure was supposed to make us feel a little bad for them (it didn’t. I still hated them because they were rude and terrible to their elders and their peers).

It took me FOREVER to realize that Celina’s character was supposed to be like Celia in the book! It clicked when I saw Ashish and her together!

Also was it just me or did Ashish’s character just…lack… everything? I know in the book he was playboy to heartbroken, but in the show he was just only there to act like this fool that followed everyone who was angry to ask if they were okay? I also definitely didn’t imagine him that way. The actor for Harsh looked more like Ashish than whoever was playing Ashish!

Speaking of Harsh. I felt personally attacked by the Hindlish and American accent that was happening there. PERSONALLY. ATTACKED. I definitely have a better urdu/Hindi accent than that but fine. FINE. WHATEVER. His character was really unnecessary to me anyway except at the end.

While I desperately DESPERATELY wanted the talent show dance scene, I understand that this show was a bit more on the darker side and that wouldn’t have fit the way the plot was going. It was definitely interesting to see it culminate into the final video game battle though.

AND THE FIGHT. AT THE END. I really felt it. I actually really liked how that was done specifically because of the way the plot was set up that way. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how the nest season will bring it back to Dimple/Rishi, especially because I’m NOT here for love triangle shenanigans. especially because Dimple really did that because she was hurting and that relationship otherwise makes ZERO SENSE.

So basically, overall I surprisingly enjoyed the show and was really invested in it despite the fact that it took a very different turn than the book. I just hope that we get another season so we can see Dimple and Rishi get together because PLEASE I’M NOT HERE FOR THE OTHER NONSENSE. ALSO I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE SWEETIE TO MAKE A CAMEO THANKS.

What did you think of the show?

5 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Mismatched”

  1. I am also mad about Ashish because it makes no sense in a There’s something about Sweetie plot and I really need a season with Sweetie. But the show was pretty good, I need second season like yesterday 🙈

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  2. I recently finished watching it and the well played characters absolutely awed me. Their romance was the warmest feels of the lot. I am yet to read the book. Is it alright to be head over heels with Rishi? He is the abundance of sucrose. 🙂

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