Weekly Favorites

November Favorites

Check out last time’s favorites HERE.

  • I loved “Grown Up” disney recs post! I definitely have these on my TBR if I haven’t read them already because YES. I LOVE DISNEY. And seeing the comparisons between SHREK and The Gilded Wolves was just iconic. Check out the post HERE.
  • Shealea is honestly someone I really look up to in the blogging community because she’s constantly advocating for diversifying your tbr, and goes above and beyond in the book community in general. So if you’re looking to get some amazing recs to diversify your shelves, check out these starter tropes HERE.
  • Looking for some small bookish shops? Here are a few recs!
  • I absolutely loved These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong and this interview was so great!

This was a fun watch and I loved the tag and the answers!

Amani’s answers are great and this was also a really fun tag!

As usual Cindy has another gREAT video. The vibes are immaculate. I don’t even know how to comment anymore Cindy’s just a great booktuber

It was fun to see the book haul and I loved the little Halloween decorations on the bookshelf!

Saba is literally so funny and I love listening to her talk about books! her haul was so great!

I LOOOOVVVEEE fake dating tropes so this was filled with just books I immediately added to my TBR!

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