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Fable was such an immersive experience!

Fable by Adrienne Young (audiobook)

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: September 1st, 2020


*by using this link to purchase the book I would receive a small commission at no extra cost to you

I received this audiobook from the publisher in exchange for a review. This does not affect my review which is unbiased and honest.

I went in not really knowing what the book was about. truth be told I thought it was going to be a little mermaid retelling of some kind so it was definitely surprising when it definitely wasn’t a retelling of any kind! whoops! The only thing I knew about the book was of this (spoilery) art that I saw on the author’s twitter. I won’t share what the art was, but it definitely pushed me to want to read it more. I’d also like to shout out my friend Sherna for recommending this book a lot!

Anyway, this book a slow paced character based pirate themed adventure. It features a girl named Fable that is stuck on this island of terrible people. She basically has a whole plan to escape but things go a bit wrong and she ends up having to escape in a less conventional way on a ship with a crew that doesn’t look like they’re old enough to even be on their on ship.

She enlists the help of the Captain of the Marigold to go find Saint who she is adamant will give her a place on his crew.

Usually when listening to audiobooks I have to speed it up so I don’t risk getting bored, but the narrator did such a great job that I didn’t feel the need to speed it up and really enjoyed the beautiful storytelling. This was a slow burn kind of story. the pieces of the story come together slowly, but when they do come together it’s just a lot of fun. I loved getting into Fable’s head especially as she tried to figure out what the others on the crew were thinking. When Fable’s life is in danger (as it usually is on the sea), it was fun to see the risks she would take and her thought processing.

I really loved how secrets were slowly revealed because of the trust Fable would gain. I especially enjoyed the fact that she really wiggled her way into everyone’s hearts. It was just so fun!

Also though how the heck can they all hold their breaths for so long what the heck.

On top of the treasure hunting style of adventure, there’s also some romance and friendship and betrayal and chaos. All great things! AND THE WAY IT ENDED. NOBODY WARNED ME. IT ENDED SO FAST I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. I also loved the way there’s just a hint of magic in it. While I’d love some more worldbuilding, I think what was laid out for us was really well done and I really felt like I was in the book while reading it.

If you enjoy ocean adventures, slow burn romance, and character based fantasy this is definitely one you should pick up! Read this if you want the hunger for more coin, the ability to con your way to survive a man-eat-man world, trusting a crew with your secrets, playing the long game, and following intense rules of survival!

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