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Charming as a Verb was relatable and fun and…well, Charming!

Charming as a Verb by Ben Phillipe

Rating: 5/5

Publication Date: October 13th, 2020


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I was so so excited to read this book because it just sounded so fun and relatable and it didn’t disappoint! Henri is sort of an unreliable narrator and because of that, it was even more fun to read because obviously, when talking about himself and his experiences through his lens, it’s completely different than what others perceive and it was made known through conversations with his friends and Corinne.

Right as we’re introduced to Corinne I was immediately shipping it! I mean, sure, she introduced herself by blackmailing Henri, but that was just part of her charm! Anyway, their chemistry was perfect and I really enjoyed their banter and each of their character’s growth. It was great to see characters who are just as unsure about themselves as I feel sometimes (but faking it as best as they can).

It was also really interesting to see how the characters change the way they act or talk when they’re with different groups of people. This was extremely evident with Henri when he’s in school versus when he’s charming people for his dog walking or when he’s at home having to live up to his father’s huge expectations.

I laughed a lot while reading this book and also wanted to yell a lot when the inevitable downfall started to come into play (as it does in most rom-com style books). While I do think the resolution happened relatively easy (compared to the conflict), it made sense and even though it was cliche, it just added to the fun and drama of the book.

This was an easy to read and lighthearted book that was not only perfect for someone who likes YA romance, but someone who wants a little more about family and friendship and truly understanding what you want in life.

If you enjoy dog walking, conning your way into the “cool kids” of school, worrying about your future just a little, college tours, the act of charming (as a verb, haha), debate kids, and shoes this is something you should definitely pick up! If you want to read something about family expectations, wanting to make everyone happy while also trying to fit in, and truly relatable characters you should seriously pick this up!

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