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Blackstone Ritual was an easy and quick read

Blackstone Ritual by Swearingen Durham

Rating: 3/5

Publication Date: July 2020


I received this for the publisher in exchange for a review. This does not affect my review which is unbiased and honest.

Honestly I didn’t really know much about this book when I got it except that there was a magical forest. I was surprised that it was so short because I definitely think this should have been longer. I think the premise was fun and I would have rated it higher if I had been more attached to the characters I guess.

This was incredibly fast paced and I finished it in like two hours. I enjoyed the story because it was surprisingly easy to get through and it was just a fun lighthearted adventure. It felt more geared towards like a middle grade audience rather than young adult, specifically because it felt kind of superficial and I wanted more depth to the world and to the characters.

I think my experience would have been better if the book had been longer, to be honest. I wanted to care for Arden but all i got from his character was that he was a jokester and then got sucked into a quest. I would have loved to see the friendship between Arden and the witch he encounters be fleshed out more in the beginning (especially because it would have made the ending more impactful).

There was one scene where Arden went to participate in some competition. It would have been interesting to see more… plot? I just think it would have been better if everything had been fleshed out more to set the stage up so I’d be a little more invested?

Overall, it was a quick and easy read but it didn’t blow my mind or anything. If you’re looking for just a light fun book in between books or just something to help get you motivated again, this would be something easy to pick up! It was a fun little adventure and I don’t regret picking up the book so that’s a win for me! I think the ending was really fun and intriguing though and I think I could pick up the next book if in the right mood.

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