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Girl on the Ferris Wheel

Girl on the Ferris Wheel by Julie Halpern, Llen Vlahos

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: January 12th, 2021


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I didn’t really know what to expect when I started this book. I thought it might just be a cute fun cliche romance but what I got was a rollercoaster of emotions and a really insightful narrative about love, heartbreak, mistakes and how anxiety and depression can impact it all.

This book follows two characters in a dual POV. Eliana is a Jewish girl that battles with depression. She loves movies and has a sarcastic and dry witty sense of humor that I really connected to. Dmitri is a easy-going friendly Greek boy in a punk rock band.

Obviously, the story follows the both of them as they navigate their relationship and struggle with their own problems. It was so easy to read and honestly really fast paced. I related to both the characters in certain ways whether it be their inner turmoil or their family relationships or being a little hard-headed.

I definitely wanted to punch the characters in the face a lot because–since they’re teenagers– they have the fault of assuming that everyone can read their minds and as a result they tended to do things that DIDN’T HELP. Usually I’m not a fan of the whole ‘miscommunication’ kind of trope but this book was addicting and I really couldn’t put it down even when I felt like it was going to be trainwreck (of emotions).

I think that this book being told in dual POV was so perfectly done because we got to see what each character was really thinking about the relationship. While one was thinking it was totally perfect, the other felt trapped and bored and like they weren’t being understood. It was just a really emotional rollercoaster getting to know both these characters, flaws and all.

I’m not an ownvoices reader at all so I can’t really comment on the representation, but I really related to the family aspects and the inner workings of their minds. Their thought process was just so engaging and even when I was angry at the characters, I still felt like I really understood why they would do whatever they did.

If you enjoy movie commentary, writing songs to impress the love interest, dropping out of classes because why not, walking like…everywhere, the magic of first dates, and interesting family relationships I would definitely recommend this book. I think you’d enjoy this book if you’re looking for a really interesting discussion about depression. Pick this book up if you’re ready for a few laughs, probably some angry and irritated screaming, punk rock bands, sarcasm, best friends, and the best grandma ever.

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