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Make Up Break Up

Make Up Break Up by Lily Menon

Rating: 3/5

Publication Date: February 2nd, 2021

Love, romance, second chances, fairy-tale endings…these are the things Annika Dev believes in. Her app, Make Up, has been called the “Google Translate for failing relationships.”

High efficiency break-ups, flashy start-ups, penthouses, fast cars…these are the things Hudson Craft believes in. His app, Break Up, is known as the “Uber for break-ups.” It’s wildly successful—and anathema to Annika’s life philosophy.

Which wouldn’t be a problem if they’d gone their separate ways after that summer fling in Las Vegas, never to see each other again. Unfortunately for Annika, Hudson’s moving not just into her office building, but into the office right next to hers. And he’ll be competing at the prestigious EPIC investment pitch contest: A contest Annika needs to win if she wants to keep Make Up afloat. As if it’s not bad enough seeing his irritatingly perfect face on magazine covers when her own business is failing. As if knowing he stole her idea and twisted it into something vile—and monumentally more successful—didn’t already make her stomach churn.

As the two rival app developers clash again and again—and again—Annika finds herself drawn into Hudson Craft’s fast-paced, high velocity, utterly shallow world. Only, from up close, he doesn’t seem all that shallow. Could it be that everything she thought about Hudson is completely wrong? Could the creator of Break Up teach her what true love’s really about?


I received this ARC in exchange for a review. This does not affect my review which is honest and unbiased.

I was really excited about this book because I’ve loved Menon’s YA novels and I love adult romance and rivals to lovers!

Usually when I read adult romance, I don’t really mind if it’s solely focused on romance without plot. This book definitely juggled both a plot and romance, but the plot just felt a little forced to me. Everything happened specifically for the end game, but it was blatantly obvious and didn’t feel as natural as I wanted it to be. Things that could have been solved easily in a realistic setting felt drawn out and kind of just forced into the story to make t

I had a few problems with the way to plot progressed, but what I enjoyed about the book was the banter and the scenes where the “hate” and tension between the characters was palpable. I can pinpoint the two best chapters (10 and 11) that really made the book enjoyable to me because of the way the two leads interacted.

I think Annika was a very flawed, stubborn sort of character and she really had to go and call me out like that by acting so rashly, huh? I wanted to dislike her but at the same time I knew exactly why she was acting the way she did because honestly, I’d probably act that way too.

Hudson, however, lacked the development I wanted to see. He didn’t get as much “screen” time and I really wanted to see his character get more fleshed out.

It was definitely fun to see Annika and Hudson in the forced proximity scenarios. Those were what made the book really enjoyable and the only reason I continues reading to be honest! I was here for that tension and THAT was definitely delivered in fun ways!

Maybe it’s just the way the miscommunication trope happened? I guess I just wasn’t a fan of that? While I think the characters had chemistry and worked well together, there was just something missing that I usually see in romances that I enjoy.

For a debut adult romance, this was fun. It leaned more towards “new” adult so the characters did feel a little more relatable in that sense. There were just certain plot holes and things that made the book more of an average read for me. what made up for the things I didn’t like about the plot were the fun character interactions and embarrassment and rivalry. I had a lot of fun reading those scenes for sure.

Overall, I would recommend it if you’re looking for just a light read with less steamy scenes and more banter and fun. If you enjoy lovers to rivals to lovers trope, forced proximity, pranks turned to sabotage, mild second hand embarrassment, and hot yoga this is for you! If you want to feel personally attacked by desi parent’s expectations, hate to relate to stubborn sort of infuriating female leads, can’t help but fall in love with the guy you really don’t want to like and overall, just love some good tension, this would definitely be up your alley!

2 thoughts on “Make Up Break Up”

  1. Agreed with all of this!! My opinion was pretty similar lol for a debut in adult romance it was good but it felt really clunky and kinda forced a lot of the times. The behaviour was a little too teenage for an adult/new adult romance and hudson was a plastic doll for so much of the story.


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