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2020 in review: Goals, Highlights, Favorites

While this year feels like the saddest, hardest year ever… I also had some really great moments! So not only am I going to share my favorite books of each month, I’m also going to share some of my highlights and whether or not I reached the goals I had set for the year!

You can see my goals HERE. I definitely set too high of a standard for myself so this next year instead of setting big yearly goals that seem attainable but then pile up, I’m going to do smaller, monthly goals for myself!

Did I complete my goals?

Did I learn to do the splits? Yes! I was able to do it but I’m still trying to hold it for longer than a split seconds (haha, see what I did there?)

10K steps? Unfortunately… no. Being at home makes it really hard to walk around. In the dorms I was able to walk in the halls but there’s not a place for me to do that without having to step outside either in the sweltering hot or freezing cold

10 backlist books? I was able to read 7 backlist books! They weren’t ANY of the backlist I had listed in my goals originally though!

10 books of 2019? YES. Also not all of the ones I had originally listed, whoops.

10 books recommended to me? YES.

I did re read whatever I felt like reading and though I didn’t complete my RRP reading, I did manage to read a few!

We’re gonna pretend I didn’t list the USMLE goal on the original post. BUT. I DID GRADUATE. And omg not only did I reach 2K on instagram…I actually reached over 3.5K! Thank you!

Some Positive Things that happened to me this year:

I not only got to read We Free the Stars, but I also got to interview Hafsah?!

I got to be a FaeCrate rep (AND, this is wild to me, but I get to be a rep again in 2021!)

Taylor Swift liked a tweet of mine?!

I got to do a Pass the Book Challenge with some amazing cosplayers and Rick Riordan’s twitter account retweeted it?!

Favorite Books of the Year:

This does not include re-reads or beta reads!

I’m so excited to create another spread like this in the bullet journal I got for 2021!!!!

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