Bookish Merch, USA

January 2021 FaeCrate Unboxing: Bending the Rules

This is my first rep package of this term and you can use Stars5 to save on subscriptions or in the Fae Crate Archives!

  • Wooden Sticker with the quote “I”m a bit of a disaster but hey, aren’t we all?” designed by @APl0tTwist
  • Shoe Charms that say “fantasy lover” and “sci fi lover” by @BlissfullyBookishTees
  • Book Sleeve with the quote “” from The Shadows Between Us designed by @Reading.Revelry
  • Gideon the Ninth LED Lamp
  • Shatter Me Polaroid featuring Kenji and Warner wearing a Get Along shirt and a quote underneath that says “”. The art is by @Thereinalulu
  • The theme cards for the year are Norse mythology related and this month’s features Lila Bard as Loki with art by Gabriella Bujdoso
  • The ebook of the month is The Hunt by Frost Kay
  • The book of the month is Tarnished Empire by Daniella Jensen which has stunning gold sprayed edges and an embossed design ny @noverantale and reversible dust jacket art by @Gabriella.Bujdoso

Overall Thoughts:

I’m always really impressed by FaeCrate’s items because there’s always such gorgeous art! My favorite item for this month has to be the book sleeve! It’s so pretty and useful and there’s a ZIPPER! I also think the LED lamp is SUPER COOL. I definitely need to find shoes that would make those shoe charms pop because they’re so cute! of course, the embossing and exclusive book designs are just absolutely to die for too!


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