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From Little Tokyo With Love

From Little Tokyo, With Love by Sarah Kuhn

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: May 11th, 2021


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This was such a fun and light read! I was instantly attached to Rika because she was so relatable! I loved that she was flawed in the sense that she had the tendency for outbursts and anger because honestly, same girl. I didn’t even realize this was like a Cinderella sort of tale until after I finished the book, so that was great because it clearly was unique enough to stand on its own!

Like I said before, Rika is a flawed, really well rounded and extremely relatable character. I loved reading in her point of view because we get to see all of her insecurities and her inner monologues and her passion and anger!

I also loved the male lead and how we get to see more than just the whole famous actor kind of trope. I loved that he struggled with fitting in and wanting to get roles that he wasn’t just typecasted in. And seeing both the character struggle with the not quite one or the other ethnicity was really relatable and interesting to read! Sarah Kuhn did an amazing job making all the characters extremely well rounded!

The book flew by with lots of wild goose chases, drama, and emotion! I finished the book in one night because it went by so quickly! While the plot itself was fun to follow, I just really appreciated that this story wasn’t JUST a fun rom-com (though I loved the chemistry and the cuteness!). It was overall a story of community and family and trying to be your authentic self.

If you want a drama filled fairy tale retelling this is definitely for you! If you like flawed characters that are misunderstood and go through a lot of growth, badass judo flips, mysterious scavenger hunts (or maybe wild goose chases!), family drama and beautiful relationships, I would highly recommend this book!

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