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Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean

Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean

Rating: 5/5

Publication Date: May 18th, 2021


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I haven’t finished a book this fast in so long! It was just what I needed in between my fantasies and it was quite a pick me up! It was absolutely adorable! It felt like watching a lighthearted (but also filled with the appropriate amount of drama) rom-com.

This not only tackled the feeling of not feeling like you belong to either of the groups you identify as (since Izumi was raised in America, suddenly being swept away to Japan definitely has to be a big culture shock!), but it also had a wonderful mother-daughter relationship and really supporting friendships!

Although Izumi’s friends from school didn’t get too much of a spotlight I really loved it because of the whole birds of a feather flock together. It was really relatable and heartwarming to see a friendship that wasn’t ruled by jealousy and competition with them!

Izumi is a wonderful and refreshing character. She wants to learn about her family and while she has flaws, her strengths are also highlighted throughout the book. And of course, her chemistry with Akio was so adorable!

Akio, of course, was wonderful! I love the whole grumpy and serious bodyguard with a soft spot for sunshine quirky girls vibe, okay? I’m a simple girl and this checked all the boxes for cute romance! I especially loved Akio’s “dry” humor because honestly it was exactly my type of humor whoops.


Of course, this book had it’s bits of drama that were definitely dramatic and entertaining! I think it was fun to see the gossip column in between certain scenes not only to speed up certain part sof the plot but also to see how the stories could be warped!

If you want a really cute and fluffy rom com then this is definitely for you! I’d recommend this if you like being swept away to Japan and becoming royalty, making friends and enemies with your cousins, and trying to gain the respect and love of the people even though that one gossip column won’t stop scrutinizing everything you do this is for you! Pick this up if you like karaoke bars, writing secret poetry love letters, witty dry humor from the one person that says it so seriously you aren’t actually sure it’s a joke and just a really fun time!

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