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How We Fall Apart

How We Fall Apart by Katie Zhao

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: August 17 2021


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I finished this book so fast because it was honestly so much fun! The characters were so intriguing and now I need more of the Sinclair Squad! I think this was such a great exploration of what it feels like to be a child of an immigrant and the effects of the pressure (whether intended or unintended) from parents to be this perfect model student and always be on top of everything even when we’re not.

I had a lot of fun reading this because the drama was just a vibe to be honest. I think it was cool to have a sort of unreliable main character narrating the book and seeing an Asian cast of characters all reacting to high pressure in a different way. It just showed humans being humans: real and flawed, which I really appreciated!

This was a really easy and quick read and I would definitely recommend it if you want something dramatic and if you’re new to the genre. Overall, I just think it was a really great insight to teenagers. It gave me sort of pretty little liars and how to get away with murder kind of vibes!

I was yelling about how much I hated certain characters and so if you like to get your blood boiled this would definitely be something to read when you want to feel dramatic and want to get your heart racing!

The one reason it’s not a full 5 star experience for me is just I was expecting something near the end (that I can’t talk about because of spoilers) but it didn’t come together the way I expected it to come together? Like I was waiting for an aha! type of moment but it sort of just came out of left field? Usually there’s a little paper trail of clues throughout books like this so when you get to the big climax and reveal you’re like ooohhhh. But for this book, it felt like it just came out of nowhere (and not in a big gasp plot twist kind of way, but like a huh? Was that even mentioned? kind of way). However, I would still recommend this because I think the drama and characters were really well done!

I’m definitely excited to see how it goes in the next book! like wth I’m INVESTED.

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