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The Damned by Renee Ahdieh

The Damned by Renee Ahdieh

Rating: 5/5

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I received this from the publisher for the Beautiful Readalong. This does not affect my review which is unbiased and honest.

I finished this book so quickly and sacrificed sleep for it because that’s how much I was enjoying it! While I enjoyed the Beautiful, this blew that out of the water! SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE FIRST BOOK!

After the ending of the Beautiful where Celine sacrifices her memories of Bastian, I definitely wanted to know how this would go and I was definitely surprised! First of all, this book had the first person POV of Bastian rather than Celine and it was definitely a POV I never knew I needed until now!

I truly think Bastian’s character is one of the best male POV’s I’ve ever read. It was so interesting to see someone just really restructure his way of thinking and actually try to undo what he used to think was fine.

Of course, he and Celine have undeniable chemistry and I LOVED the way Celine’s story wove itself into this. I was just genuinely surprised by the way the story went and the world that was built.

Getting to travel through this whole new world and be greeted by new creatures and different magic was so much fun! I genuinely felt like I’d also been transported into the book and was being thrown into the chaos!

Not only do we get to see the deconstruction of toxic masculinity but we get to see a variety of different strengths in different women. They all have different strengths and weaknesses which I truly love!

Of course, Arjun is still my absolute favorite and I’m especially excited to read the Righteous because it’s more centered around him! I also have LOTS of questions about Michael and how this series if going to play out but mainly my one questions is RENEE AHDIEH HOW COULD YOU?!

Can you tell I loved this book by the way I can’t figure out how to gush about it without giving away the entire plot? Because I genuinely am at a loss of words and I’m going to stop rambling just to fill up space because all I can really say is that I genuinely loved the book and can’t wait for more! And this is coming from someone who never really got the hype for vampires and werewolves!

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