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Master of Djinn

Master of Djinn by P. Djèlí Clark

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: May 11th, 2021


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I heard S. A. Chakraborty talking about this book and I really love books that have magic in the real world and sort of Islamic mythology filtered into it as well so I knew I had to pick this up!

From the very beginning I just really love the whole trope of the know it all detective that’s forced to work with someone even though they definitely work better alone. It was really fun to follow Fatma be smart and badass with her new hijabi sidekick!

This was really easy to read and I genuinely enjoyed the fun mystery! We get to explore the secret magic filled streets of Cairo and follow around djinn and angels and all kinds of mythical and magical creatures. What really sold the book for me was that incorporation of all the magic and the creatures. I loved the little bits of Islamic history and how seamlessly it was put into this story!

One thing that didn’t particularly connect with me was just the characters. They were all there to serve the plot and that was all well and good, but otherwise I honestly felt like they were kind of flat. I felt like because this was more of a plot based book it wasn’t exactly necessary but I would have preferred more character based stuff included. However, whatever was included was all fun and great!

I’d definitely recommend this if you like interesting world building and a fun magical mystery complete with well dressed badass women!

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