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2021, Wrapped (an attempt at a blog revival)

Everybody knows the last two years have just been like a plateau in life and while my bookish life was pretty good, life in general was just not fun and as a result this blog became more of a chore than something fun. I’m HOPING that I’ll have more free time this year and I can explore more ways to expand this blog, so here’s my attempt at a revival!

So this last year I read a total of 121 books (what! a new record for me!)! I got into more creative bullet journaling with more literary themes for my monthly spreads!

here are some of the highlights of my year:

We Free the Stars came out and so I could finally tell the world that my NAME IS IN A BOOK. AS A CHARACTER. AND IN THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS.

I got my degree! YAY!

I was featured in a buzzfeed article for bookstagrammers!

I went to Chicago for a weekend, I got to interview Jen Calonita about the love of my life Eugene Fitzherbert, and I MET CHLOE GONG.

Despite the overall year being sort of terrible, I had some really great high points to be honest!

Now for some book stats because I actually tried to keep track of these this year!

I read 40, 406 pages (this is according to GR).

60 ebooks, 15 audiobooks, and 45 physical books! I started using storygraph but some of the books didn’t get sorted into the chart correctly:

My most read genre was contemporary (what can I say? Stressful times means happier books)!

2021 was also my 4th year on bookstagram and I went from 3.7K followers to 5.8K followers which is pretty cool! My favorite set of photos from last year was the Cardigan and books series! I really hope I can do another fun series like that soon!

What are your 2021 highlights?

Stay tuned for more posts (hopefully) about my favorite 2021 books and most anticipated releases!

4 thoughts on “2021, Wrapped (an attempt at a blog revival)”

  1. Congratulations on getting your degree!!! Meeting Chloe must have been like a dream come true :))) So excited to see more posts from you on here.

    Liked by 1 person

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