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January Wrap Up

I read 16 books in January! I’ve really enjoyed tabbing my physical books with favorite moments and quotes. Once I read them, I turn the books around on my currently reading shelf in my room and it makes me feel so happy! Do you annotate your books?

I was supposed to re read Crooked Kingdom last year, but didn’t end up doing so! But I started off the year with a bang and got to relive my favorite Kanej moments!

Salaam with Love was such a pleasant surprise that left me feeling all fuzzy and happy inside! Check out my full review HERE.

You Truly Assumed was a really interesting story of 3 Black Muslims and it really opened my eyes to a new Muslim experience! Check out my full review HERE.

Let me tell you, The Ivory Key had a really exciting premise and the family dynamics were PHENOMENAL. I loved the treasure hunt, but the characters really just sold me!

It took me MONTHS to get past the first few chapters of Gilded and when I finally managed to be in the right mood for Gilded, I really loved the magic and mystery and I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS A DUOLOGY. Needless to say, I will be very impatiently waiting for book 2, CURSED.

I cannot believe I waited so long to read Goddess in the Machine but oh my goodness what a ride! I slipped in to the world so fast and the revelations that happened honestly blew my mind! I need to get the second book ASAP.

The Holiday Switch was the perfect book to read during the snowy weekend! I related so hard to Lila’s love for reading and her personality! Plus the fact that she loves to read/write AND has intentions of pre med made my heart really happy because that’s ME!

Honestly i went into Tahira in Bloom ready to be disappointed and if I wasn’t reading it for a discussion with Tahirah for the Iqra Trials I probably would have DNF’ed within 20%. However, the ending definitely patched things up a little and even though I didn’t particularly enjoy it, it wasn’t the worst book ever.


I finished Once Upon a K Prom in one night and stayed up until 3 am fangirling over how absolutely adorable it was. I will definitely be re reading it in physical form in May because it was too good!

I usually take my time with audiobooks but I couldn’t stop listening to Today, Tonight Tomorrow! It was so much fun and I loved the banter and friendships and the academic rivals to lovers vibes!

Long Story Short surprised me! I had no idea what I was getting into because I forgot the synopsis but oh my goodness it was so much fun! We got Shakespeare camp and a Shakespeare-off that was literally just flirting! Fun summer camp vibes and really amazing friendships and self acceptance!

This May End Badly was definitely fun and even though I was only there for the pranks and fake dating, there were some other elements that definitely intrigued me!

I don’t think I was in the right mood for With and Without You to be completely honest. I didn’t realize it was about a long distance relationship and found myself so frustrated from the very beginning with the characters not being able to just make a decision (ironic since I have a hard time with that too whoops). This was definitely a huge shift from the other Wibbroka books which I guess also threw me. off. While I think overall it was good, it wasn’t something that gave me the emotions I really wanted once I got used to the premise.

I can definitely see why Bromance Book Club was so hyped on book twitter! I definitely enjoyed it and it was another book I read in one go!

Radha and Jai’s Recipe for Romance was so adorable and I’m a sucker for any media that has to do with dance so this really hit the spot for me!

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