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Audiobooks that got me into them

I’m extremely picky about audiobooks. Usually I steer towards contemporary audiobooks because they require a little less focus and if I miss something, it likely won’t affect the full experience! That being said, I’ve definitely found a few fantasy audiobooks that have hooked me too and that’s solely because of the way the books were narrated! Here are some audiobook experiences that changed the game for me:

Let’s start with the obvious contemporary books that I loved on audio:

Frankly in Love by David Yoon was really fun and the narrator did such a good job with the voices and switching languages!

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert was phenomenally narrated. The narrator had the perfect voice for the win and charm to fit the vibe of the book!

Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen was the perfect read for a long walk or just something nice and easy!

Sweethand by NG Peltier was also really fun (though I had to triple check that my headphones were working because there is no way I would have let anyone hear that!)!

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon is one of my most recent audiobooks and I have never listened to a full book so fast but I couldn’t stop listening to this one! It was so much fun and I had to fight to stop squealing and laughing!

Now for some non rom-com/contemporary books that took me by surprise! I don’t know what compelled me to listen to the audiobooks for these, but I really loved them and even though they did end up requiring just a tiny bit more focus, I’m glad I got to listen to them and experience them this way!

Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson was one I decided to pick on a whim and it was the perfect book to listen to while driving in the suburbs especially during a cloudy day!

Fable is something I don’t know if I would have enjoyed the same way if I’d read it in physical form, but something about the audiobook was just so immersive for me!

I alternated the audio and physical versions for Skyhunter and it was a perfect way to devour it quickly because Marie Lu really did such a phenomenal job with this!

Ninth House was such a cool experience because it had two narrators and the narrator for Darlington was chef’s kiss perfection. I don’t think I would have been able to keep up if I’d read this in physical form and I have a really great appreciation for the dark academia haunting vibes of this book through audio!

The Starless Sea is another book that I think wouldn’t have hooked me in in physical form but something about the audiobook just kept me completely immersed. It was really a magical experience. Of course, the male narrator also was just perfection to my ears so that might be part of the reason. It did lead me to buy a physical copy so that I could read it again and annotate!

And last but certainly not least is Raybearer. I LOVED the narration of this book. This book changed my entire perspective on audiobook narrators and fantasy audiobooks in general. It felt like I was inside of the book on this epic journey. Truly a masterpiece!

What are some audiobooks that you’ve enjoyed?

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