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Review: If You Could See the Sun by Ann Liang

I’m actually obsessed with this book this is definitely one of my favorites of the year! The whole premise is just so interesting what with the academic setting, the superpowers, the academic rivals to lovers!!!! I definitely think this book would be an absolutely splendid adaptation what with the elite drama happening throughout the story.

I’m literally at a loss for words because there’s just so much I want to say about how interesting it was to make Alice decide to do seemingly innocent things that slowly seemed to escalate into the morally grey. I also think it was such a cool discussion topic when Alice was discussing the lessons from Macbeth and how they paralleled her justifications for her actions.

Of course, I really loved the friendships and romance because they felt really natural! The banter was superb and I just had a really great time with that. The family relationships and especially the pressure a child feels to help their parents was something I really related to. I’m definitely going to be recommending this to everyone!

I haven’t wanted to immediately re read a book after finishing in a really long time and this is one of those books that I need everyone to read immediately!


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