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Tag Tuesday: Love From Mecca to Medina Book Tag

This book tag was created by Neelam @ The Tsundoku Chronicles!

Adam – Books with Disability/Chronic Illness Rep

Currently, I’m reading a book called Would You rather which features someone with a chronic kidney disease! I’m really enjoying the audiobook, especially because it’s MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS!

Zayneb – Character who fights for Justice

Rae from Theft of Sunlight! That book is one of my all time favorites and Rae is the majority of the reason why!

Bertha Fatima – Animal Companions

Can I say Sven? Polar Nights: Cast into Darkness is a Frozen story and I really enjoyed this tale that features one of my favorite sister relationships!

Janna – Has great character growth

The character growth in the Jade City series is honestly perfection. Except they really are all morally grey up until the end, I still love them and they still were just some really complex and interesting characters you just can’t help but fall in love with!

Marvel – A book that made you feel seen

Salaam, With Love had some really relatable Muslim rep and I just really appreciated how cute it was!

Oddity – A book that more people should read


Nuah – Great friendships

Legendborn! Alice and Will and Bree have the BEST. FRIENDSHIP. EVER.

Layth – In love with a fictional character

Orion from Foul Lady Fortune!

Sausan – Badass women

Nahri from City of Brass!

Misfit – A joyous book

Better than the Movies by Lynn Painter!


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