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MidnighTS Book Tag (pt. 1)

It’s 3 am as I’m typing this and Taylor’s chaotic surprise was ACTUALLY chaotic because now I have seven more tracks to do but stay tuned for part two!

Right off the bat we’re hit with a bop and as Taylor explained, this is about just wanting to hold tightly to the love you have and never leave it. So, for me, this is obviously We Hunt the Flame and We Free the Stars.

I mean, the lyrics say it all… this is STEAMY. So anyway, all I can think of is All the Feels by Olivia Dade!

I just feel like the anxiety inside of us is an unreliable narrator and this song kind of does that really well! Unreliable narrators are always interesting to read! My favorite is You Deserve Each Other because Naomi is the epitome of unreliable narrator!

This song kind of grew on me in the last few hours and the whole song is just about falling in love and then just being in awe about it. A recent that book that really took me by surprise and became a new favorite is Book Lovers by Emily Henry! I didn’t really vibe with Emily’s other books as much as I hoped but this book really got me!

I mean, this song is a bop but it sort of hurts, you know? My friend Autumn said it was weirdly comforting and I feel that. A lot of people were saying Peter Parker vibes, and yeppp exactly that. Anyway, my boy Enrique from The Gilded Wolves really just needs a hug (but also for someone to just listen to him PLEASE)

This song is such a vibe like I love the music so much and the lyrics just really gave me the whole vibe of reminiscing over lost loves. My first thought was Laila and Severin of course! But ALSO ROMA AND JULIETTE.

This song gave me Anne with an E vibes (but also Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable vibes, don’t ask me how) and Anne is such a bubbly sunshiny person that talkes all this stuff and obviously the ones who care for her sit and listen and so that gave me grumpy sunshine vibes! Very NewDream!

Just Like Magic fits this really well except Hall is the sunshine and Bettie is the grumpy hehe

SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE SIX OF CROWS EDITS WITH THIS OKAY?! But also, the first characters in my mind were Victor Vale and Marcella!

There was just something mirrorball-esque about this song but it was more self aware in the sense that she grew up in this song? Janna has some GREAT development in Misfit in Love!

This just gave me You Deserve Each Other vibes but that’s my favorite second chance romance and this whole song is just about two lovers is finding themselves again! A recent one I loved was Make Up Test! (bonus: it’s also academic rivals to lovers! IN GRAD SCHOOL!)

I didn’t expect to completely enjoy this song but anyway, I’m a huge fan of big full circle moments and iconic parallels like “People lived because she killed. People died because he lived.”! (We Hunt the Flame) and Jade City all the way to Jade Legacy which made me sob because of all the full circle moments!

This very much gave the vibes of It’s Nice to Have a Friend and Invisible String and was just so wholesome! I finally recently read Better than The Movies and just absolutely loved that! It was so wholesome and cute and fun!

The master planning of Taylor Swift is brilliant and worthy of mystery and high fantasy writers! One author I definitely believe is a mastermind in worldbuilding. and storytelling is Tracy Deonn! Legendborn is absolutely phenomenal and I know Bloodmarked is going to be even better and blow me away!

Anyway, I’m going. to get some actual SLEEP before seeing what the seven new songs can inspire! I’ve already listened to them of course, but need some type to process the lyrics because could’ve should’ve would’ve?!?! DEAR READER?! oof.

For copy/paste purposes:

  1. Lavender Haze- a book you will always love and defend
  2. Maroon- a spicy book
  3. Anti-Hero-unreliable narrator
  4. Snow of the Beach- an unexpected surprise
  5. You’re on your own kid- a character that really needs a hug
  6. Midnight rain- star-crossed lovers
  7. Question…?- grumpy x sunshine (or neurodivergent rep)
  8. Vigilante shit- favorite character out for revenge
  9. Bejeweled- strong character development
  10. Labyrinth- second chance romance
  11. Karma- favorite full circle moments or parallels 
  12. Sweet Nothing- favorite fluffy/cozy read
  13. Mastermind- perfect world building and storytelling

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