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Book Review: A Guide to Being Just Friends by Sophie Sullivan

A Guide to Being Just Friends by Sophie Sullivan

Rating: 3.75/5

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More about the book HERE. Check out an excerpt HERE.

Long time no see! I’m starting back up the blog with a little book review of a fun rom-com that includes a teaspoon of a “meet ugly”, a dash of friends to lovers, and a cup of sweetness.

I didn’t realize it was part of a set of companion novels until after I was introduced to the brothers but this definitely functions as standalone with some minor spoilers (though, rom-coms don’t necessarily have huge spoilers, if you know what I mean)! This book follows Hailey Sharp as she moves to a new city and starts fresh quite literally by starting a new business called By the Cup that sells salads. She just got out of a rather terrible relationship (tw: manipulative ex) and is determined to make it on her own…

And then she has a bit of a meet ugly. Wes Jansen is sick and tired of going on blind dates and is especially tired when he thinks that Hailey is lying to him about being Hayden. Of course, he realizes later that he was absolutely wrong, but they both definitely got off on the wrong foot. And then eventually form a really cute “just friends” relationship.

I really loved the banter and cute friendship they developed over the course of the book, especially because they were really communicative with each other. The relationship wasn’t without their insecurities of course. SO some things just weren’t said which made me very frustrated in the “just kiss already!” kind of way. Overall though, I understood both characters and their actions. I loved getting to see Hailey heal from her past and gain better relationships and a wholesome new found family.

I do have to admit that some of the dialogue felt really random. They’d be having a conversation and it would suddenly switch gears without really any pretext.I didn’t particularly enjoy the third act breakup but overall, it was a really fun and lighthearted read and I’d definitely recommend it for the fluff!


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