Bookish Goals of 2023

I saw TheGeekishBrunette’s post of bookish goals for the year and felt inspired to share some of my own reading goals! I tend to keep most of my goals pretty light because it somehow makes me feel less stressed about reading when I have little goals in mind!

Only request books you will absolutely read

As someone who has been in the game for 5 years now, I’m so grateful to be a part of so many influencer lists (let’s hope SimonTeen finally accepts me this year lol) and with that comes the opportunity to request ARCs for each season. Last year, I limited myself to 3 per list. I ended up requesting less than that each time so I’m hoping to stick with that this year as well!

On that note, I also learned last year that I didn’t actually have to download “READ NOW” on netgalley ARCs that I receive from influencer lists until I was sure I was going to read them because then it won’t affect my netgalley score!

Get to 100% on Netgalley by the end of the year

I was SO CLOSE last year with only ONE BOOK LEFT to review to be completely caught up. While I’m trying not to get stressed out or feel forced into reviewing netgalley arcs, I think if I limit my downloads and requests (easier said than done I know) then I’ll feel less stressed about it and that’s all I want!

Actually read all the books on my Muslim Shelf Space

I have two shelves dedicated to books by Muslim authors and I’ve read maybe 50% but I want to finish the rest of the ones in my collection maybe during Ramadan Readathon this year! Of course… there are lots of fun Muslim books coming out this year too so I guess we’ll see how that goes!

Annotate more!

Last year I annotated (with pencil) in my percy jackson series and this year I’m hoping to do it with the Heroes of Olympus! Other than that series, I want to try annotating my favorite books when I re read them! And I’m hoping that the only time I re read is for annotation! Since it takes longer MAYBE I’ll spend more time reading TBR books instead

at least I hope!

Actually revive this blog

I’ve attempted to revive this blog a few times last year but it’s pretty difficult to find time or motivation or just ideas. I’m hoping I’ll find something different to do on this blog as opposed to instagram where I spend most of my time!

Got any ideas?

Get to 8K on instagram…

Every day I tell myself it’s not about numbers and even though I’m not in it for the numbers, it would be nice to hit 8k this year! It’s my 6th year on bookstagram and I’m really excited to try new things and show off more books!


No specific amount or anything, though my brain is thinking like 25% of my unread books need to GO by the end of the year… so I guess I’ll see what books I haven’t read by the end of the year and if I don’t think I’ll get to them any time soon I’ll unhaul them. I feel like the minority of people who doesn’t actually like hoarding books but just wants the ones that I really enjoy! I started off my year unhauling a bunch (ah hem check out my pangobooks if you want any!) of books I don’t ever plan to re read and it felt so good to clear up that shelf space!


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