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Most Anticipated Books of February

Disclaimer: Any bookshop link included is an affiliate link. And if the book is from HarperCollins the link will direct you to the HCP Union bookshop page to support them! For more information about the HarperCollins Union, check out their page HERE.

February 7

This Time It’s Real


I absolutely adored Ann Liang’s debut contemporary and this book promises fake dating a C drama actor and phenomenal writing and I’m here for EVERY MOMENT.

February 14

Last Tale of the Flower Bride


I’ll read anything Roshani Chokshi writes and this is no exception! I am so excited to read something that will make me question things and hopefully give me goosebumps!

Sweetest Betrayal


I LOVED Kinder Poison and Mercy because of all the morally gray character sand chaos! I especially love the narration style and how fast paced the books are and I just know Sweetest Betrayal is going to surprise me!

Take the Lead


My friend Keara (@theboricuabookworm on IG) loves Alexis Daria and I really enjoyed A Lot Like Adios through her recommendation! So I’m definitely excited about this one especially because it features A DANCE OFF. I’m a sucker for dance related books!

February 28th

The Neighbor Favor


This is about a bookworm and an author and they’re neighbors AND I’M ALREADY OBSESSED. Kristina Forest made me a fan with her YA book Now That I’ve Found You, so I know this is going to really steal my heart and raise my standards!

What are your most anticipated books of the month?


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