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2020 in review: Goals, Highlights, Favorites

While this year feels like the saddest, hardest year ever... I also had some really great moments! So not only am I going to share my favorite books of each month, I'm also going to share some of my highlights and whether or not I reached the goals I had set for the year! You… Continue reading 2020 in review: Goals, Highlights, Favorites

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Adventures in December

This month was a whirlwind of emotions for me personally. I had a lot going on but also I didn't actually DO that much? But, hey! I survived! ICYMI: Adventures in October and NovemberNovember Favorites (shoutouts)Muslim Shelf Space unboxingDisney book tagevermore original book tagNinth House audiobook review Books: Make Up Break Up by Lily Menon… Continue reading Adventures in December

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Adventures in October and November

So I forgot to post my October wrap up until halfway through November so I decided to just combine these two months because WHY NOT. OCTOBER: This month was...weird. I hit a really weird reading slump after reading Tower of Nero and it was just a weird struggle. On a good note, I posted this… Continue reading Adventures in October and November

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My Thoughts on Mismatched

So I was extremely excited about Mismatched because it's inspired by When Dimple Met Rishi which is a really fun contemporary with one of the cutest meet-cutes ever! So of course when it came out I absolutely had to watch it! And I have THOUGHTS. I did a twitter thread with my first reactions but… Continue reading My Thoughts on Mismatched

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Adventures in August Wrap-Up

This month was... long? And somehow short at the same time? I don't even know what happened this month. ICYMI: July Wrap UpWicked Fox ReviewJune Fairyloot UnboxingStar Daughter Review and Mood BoardWeekly Faves: Aug 2-8Vicious Spirits ReviewWeekly Faves: Aug 9-22Now That I've Found You ReviewJuly Fae Crate UnboxingLoathe at First Sight ReviewPaola Santiago and the… Continue reading Adventures in August Wrap-Up

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Adventures in June 2020

This month was honestly really exhausting mentally. I definitely over booked myself and will probably be stepping back a bit in July and August while I try to focus more on my exams (hm, let's see how that goes though). I have put myself on a buying ban until I take one exam so let's… Continue reading Adventures in June 2020

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Adventures in May

*sigh* Another month that seemed like forever. This last week of May was rough. Can't believe Ramadan and Eid just happened. It feels like an eternity ago to be honest! ICYMI: Blog Posts in May May 1st: Adventures in April HEREMay 3rd: Weekly Faves April 26th-May 2nd HEREMay 5th: Waffle Book Tag HEREMay 6th: The… Continue reading Adventures in May