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MidnighTS Book Tag (3 AM Edition)

Here's a PART TWO to my Midnights book tag! And if you want, you should check out Amani's tag HERE! This song feels so heartbreaking but also has this overall theme of hope in a relationship working through the worst of times. A book that really reminded me of this overall theme of pain and… Continue reading MidnighTS Book Tag (3 AM Edition)

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MidnighTS Book Tag (pt. 1)

It's 3 am as I'm typing this and Taylor's chaotic surprise was ACTUALLY chaotic because now I have seven more tracks to do but stay tuned for part two! Right off the bat we're hit with a bop and as Taylor explained, this is about just wanting to hold tightly to the love you have… Continue reading MidnighTS Book Tag (pt. 1)

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evermore Original Book Tag

Taylor Swift really decided folklore wasn't enough emotion and threw evermore at us so because I really loved creating the folklore book tag then I decided why not make another one for this album, especially because it's supposed to be like a continuation of folklore! This was especially difficult to come up with prompts specifically… Continue reading evermore Original Book Tag

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The Zumra Original Book Tag

(Character art by Arz28) This has been a long time coming and honestly I was shocked that a) I hadn't made a tag yet and b) no one else did either?! Also I have a ton of ideas for different tags to do based on this book? Like maybe one for affinities... one for the… Continue reading The Zumra Original Book Tag

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folklore Original Book Tag

Because I'm fully obsessed with Taylor Swift and loving the whole vibe and aesthetic for the surprise TS8 album, I made a book tag! Feel free to use the graphics and tag me because I'd love to see your answers! (I also included the text for the prompts at the end!) This is also an… Continue reading folklore Original Book Tag