Let’s Talk about Ms. Marvel Episodes 1-3!

I've been a fan of Ms. Marvel since I saw the first comic and I'm just so elated that we finally get to see this wonderful and relatable character on our screens and on her way to the MCU! What I love most about Kamala's character is that she has never been afraid to stand… Continue reading Let’s Talk about Ms. Marvel Episodes 1-3!

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Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 (No Normal)

Ms. Marvel: Volume 1: No NormalRating: 4/5Gotta support those Muslim superheroes! Seriously, I love Kamala! I finally have some free time and I bought all the available volumes on my kindle so I can catch up! Kamala is witty, funny, relatable (maybe not so much the angsty teen stuff for me but the religious/cultural identity… Continue reading Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 (No Normal)