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Adventures in February

This month was so hectic and I went through a rollercoaster of emotions almost every day. I found out I passed all my exams for med school (Alhamdulillah!) and booked my flight for home which is later this week! I went to some friends' weddings because wow, we're all adults what's happening?!?!! I booked my… Continue reading Adventures in February

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How is February Already Over: Wrap Up 2019

February was WILD, Y'ALL! After two months of "vacation", I'm back in medical school and I AM TIRED. BUT ALSO I AM DETERMINED. This year is SUPER stressful (it's my final year and I have exams in July but I'm already so behind???? how????) Also, I met Roshani Choksi??? Like... WOW. She's so cool oh… Continue reading How is February Already Over: Wrap Up 2019