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Adventures in May

*sigh* Another month that seemed like forever. This last week of May was rough. Can't believe Ramadan and Eid just happened. It feels like an eternity ago to be honest! ICYMI: Blog Posts in May May 1st: Adventures in April HEREMay 3rd: Weekly Faves April 26th-May 2nd HEREMay 5th: Waffle Book Tag HEREMay 6th: The… Continue reading Adventures in May

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Adventures in April

Welp... another month of sitting at home not going anywhere.... How is everyone holding up? One of my exams got canceled so I had to change my studying schedule again which is... fun... We also got a free trial week of disney+ so basically we marathoned a bunch of stuff because what else are we… Continue reading Adventures in April

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Adventures in March

Wow what a whirlwind of a month, huh? I had my last days in Pakistan for a long long time, attended another friend's weddings and then I came home. And then I stayed at home (which really wasn't that different from what I was planning to do anyway I guess). I was a little bummed… Continue reading Adventures in March

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Adventures in December 2019

Not so much adventuring this time... just stuDYING for my final exams UGH. BUT I did get to finally (after 5 years of being in Pakistan) go to the Karachi International Book Fair! And I got a few awesome books and met up with some of my bookstagram friends and met some new ones too!… Continue reading Adventures in December 2019

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Adventures in November 2019

This month has been so hectic because it's the last month of classes in med school (inshaAllah) and that means not only am I experiencing the worst case of senioritis (which causes major anxiety for exams in January), but I've also been going to lots of grad "week" celebrations. I got to cosplay as Katara… Continue reading Adventures in November 2019

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Adventures in October 2019

So how was your October? I had quite a bit of an adventure in Miami and because this is my blog and I do what I want, here's everything I did during my time in a really pretty but also really hot and humid city! I stayed in an AirBnB with my friend that was… Continue reading Adventures in October 2019

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Adventures in September 2019

I got to be a part of so much fun stuff this month and ALSO I'M ON SANDHYA MENON'S STREET TEAM AND GOT AN E-ARC OF OF CURSES AND KISSES! I also joined the Influencer program for Libro.FM which is a great audiobook service! I started my elective at a hospital in Miami where I… Continue reading Adventures in September 2019

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How is February Already Over: Wrap Up 2019

February was WILD, Y'ALL! After two months of "vacation", I'm back in medical school and I AM TIRED. BUT ALSO I AM DETERMINED. This year is SUPER stressful (it's my final year and I have exams in July but I'm already so behind???? how????) Also, I met Roshani Choksi??? Like... WOW. She's so cool oh… Continue reading How is February Already Over: Wrap Up 2019