Make Your MythTaker Readathon TBR

Oh goodness this one is actually a big challenge because it requires a set TBR and I'm SCARED. But here I go anyway! In true, Flameling fashion, I've decided to join the Make Your Myth Taker readathon and go down the path of a Rogue. I'm going to be an assassin and below you'll find… Continue reading Make Your MythTaker Readathon TBR


Olympic Games Readathon TBR: Apollo Cabin!

Am I being over ambitious next month with my reading? Probably. BUT OH WELL. Being a demigod means taking risks, right? Anyway, I'm joining 2 readathons this month (other than my #WHTFReadathon (which you can check out HERE). One is this one and the other will be the Make Your Mythtake Readathon which I'll be… Continue reading Olympic Games Readathon TBR: Apollo Cabin!

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SO with REBEL coming out so so soon, I really wanted to re-read the Legend trilogy because I honestly didn't remember ANYTHING except the final scene in the last book (because it was heartbreaking for little me). Back then, little me didn't write the reviews on Goodreads so I only have the last scene in… Continue reading 7 YEARS LATER: RE-READING THE LEGEND TRILOGY

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Ramadan Readathon 2019 Sign Up/TBR

I'm so excited to join the #RamadanReadathon this year! It's run by Nadia (Headscarves and Hardbacks) and it sounds like a brilliant way to support Muslim Authors! If you want to join in on the challenge: Sign up HERE For more fun stuff, follow on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. There's going to be a fun Photo… Continue reading Ramadan Readathon 2019 Sign Up/TBR

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#RamadanReadathon2019: Historical Fiction Recs

Ramadan is only a few days away which means a month of fasting and spiritual cleansing! If you don't know, it's regarded as The Holy Month when the Quran was released and Muslims fast from Fajr to Maghrib (between the first and fourth prayers of the day)! This year, I'm so excited to provide some… Continue reading #RamadanReadathon2019: Historical Fiction Recs


Avengers Readathon ’19 TBR

I think I've gone insane because I'm joining a Readathon I have no time to join BUT OH WELL. WHATEVER IT TAKES, YOU KNOW? To check out more information about the Avengers Readathon, click HERE. This was created by The Perks of Being Noura! And it runs from April 14-May 14! So because I really… Continue reading Avengers Readathon ’19 TBR