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Empire of Gold Spoilery Thoughts

This is gonna be my most scattered post ever because my thoughts are always scattered so bear with me! If you haven't checked out my review for the book, it's HERE. I'm gonna start off with my most surprising opinion and that is Dara GREW UP A LITTLE? Like... his arc?! WOW. *chef's kiss*. I'm… Continue reading Empire of Gold Spoilery Thoughts

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Let’s Talk About Burning Maze: Spoilers

(This is copy/pasted from my full book review but I wanted a separate post just about the spoilers as well)1. Piper/Jason breaking up: When this happened I was actually genuinely confused, but also I never really understood their relationship. Like Piper said in the book, the relationship started out under false pretenses and because of… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Burning Maze: Spoilers