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Favorite Books of 2021

I read 120 books in 2021 and I had 29 favorites! These are in no particular order but as you can see I definitely discovered my love for adult romance this year. I'd read books in the genre before but this year I have started to drift away from YA romance (at least those set… Continue reading Favorite Books of 2021

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Adventures in December

This month was a whirlwind of emotions for me personally. I had a lot going on but also I didn't actually DO that much? But, hey! I survived! ICYMI: Adventures in October and NovemberNovember Favorites (shoutouts)Muslim Shelf Space unboxingDisney book tagevermore original book tagNinth House audiobook review Books: Make Up Break Up by Lily Menon… Continue reading Adventures in December

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Adventures in June 2020

This month was honestly really exhausting mentally. I definitely over booked myself and will probably be stepping back a bit in July and August while I try to focus more on my exams (hm, let's see how that goes though). I have put myself on a buying ban until I take one exam so let's… Continue reading Adventures in June 2020

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Adventures in May

*sigh* Another month that seemed like forever. This last week of May was rough. Can't believe Ramadan and Eid just happened. It feels like an eternity ago to be honest! ICYMI: Blog Posts in May May 1st: Adventures in April HEREMay 3rd: Weekly Faves April 26th-May 2nd HEREMay 5th: Waffle Book Tag HEREMay 6th: The… Continue reading Adventures in May

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Adventures in April

Welp... another month of sitting at home not going anywhere.... How is everyone holding up? One of my exams got canceled so I had to change my studying schedule again which is... fun... We also got a free trial week of disney+ so basically we marathoned a bunch of stuff because what else are we… Continue reading Adventures in April

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Adventures in March

Wow what a whirlwind of a month, huh? I had my last days in Pakistan for a long long time, attended another friend's weddings and then I came home. And then I stayed at home (which really wasn't that different from what I was planning to do anyway I guess). I was a little bummed… Continue reading Adventures in March

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Adventures in January (Wrap-Up)

I started this new decade with my last exams of med school (inshaAllah)... which is exciting... and scary... and so exhausting. Did this stop me from adventuring (which is another way of saying procrastinating)? NOT AT ALL. I decided to join the #demigodathon by some awesome youtubers which definitely kept me sane while trying to… Continue reading Adventures in January (Wrap-Up)

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Adventures in December 2019

Not so much adventuring this time... just stuDYING for my final exams UGH. BUT I did get to finally (after 5 years of being in Pakistan) go to the Karachi International Book Fair! And I got a few awesome books and met up with some of my bookstagram friends and met some new ones too!… Continue reading Adventures in December 2019

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Book Recs based on my Spotify Top Ten

So I saw Michelle over @ Magical Reads on twitter do a thread about her spotify top ten with book recs! It looked fun and so here I am! Make sure to go follow her TWITTER and HER BLOG POST! 1. ONLY YOU by Little Mix I think I'm mostly basing it off… Continue reading Book Recs based on my Spotify Top Ten