Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: February 23rd-29th

Check out last week's favorites HERE. I'm a HUGE fan of awesome mood boards and make-up looks! Check out Not Just Fiction's make-up look for the Sound of Stars. Check it out HERE.I'm definitely interested in some of these sequels, especially Unravel the Dusk! Check out the post HERE.I definitely added more adult fantasy novels… Continue reading Weekly Favorites: February 23rd-29th

Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: February 9th-15th

Check out last week's favorites HERE. Neelam had a gorgeous love letter to her favorite character and I mean... what's not to love about that kind of passion? Check it out HERE.Nargis has a post about the Karachi Down Syndrome Program that's really informative! Check that out HERE.Kimberly has a fun post about 5 books… Continue reading Weekly Favorites: February 9th-15th

Other Musings

I didn’t think I’d like to work out but here I am…

So it turns out all those times everyone would talk about how working out made them feel happy and I scoffed and thought, "Ha! Yeah, right!"... they were right in a totally weird way? I mean, as a medical student, I know the benefits of working out and I could go on and on about… Continue reading I didn’t think I’d like to work out but here I am…