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Once Upon a Ramadan Book Tag

Thanks to Amna @ YA Book Corner for making this tag adapted from Ramadan Readathons Insta Challenge and themes for the month! Make sure to check out the Ramadan Readathon which is inspired by Once Upon an Eid! (I have a review for that HERE if you want to check it out!)

✨ Culture ✨ Name a character that identifies with one or more cultures.

Allie identifies as American and Circassian! Also, AAMG is a beautiful story y’all should all read!

✨ Tradition ✨Name a book where the character(s) have a tradition.

I mean how can I not talk about my fave Kamala Khan? Muslim teenage fangirl turned surperhero? She talks about certain traditions especially related to weddings at some point….

✨ Generosity ✨ Name a character that is generous.

I don’t want to give anything away but read THORN because Alyrra is AMAZING.

✨ Community ✨ Name a book where community plays an important role.

haha I really blanked and can’t think of anything other than the book the prompt is based on

✨ Faith ✨ Name a character who has a strong sense of faith.

Have you met the ultimate couple #ZayDam? Because they’re both AMAZING.

✨ Gratitude ✨ Name a book you are thankful for.

Look at me talking about how We Hunt the Flame changed by life for the millionth time!

✨ Sacrifice ✨ Name a character that makes a sacrifice for another.

Do I need to elaborate here?

✨ Light ✨ Name a book with light in the title.

I don’t think I need to say anything here haha

✨ Hope ✨ Name a book or share a quote about hope.

How fitting that this was in my reading journal this month!

✨ Love ✨ Name a book with an epic love story.


✨ Forgiveness ✨ Name a character who is the forgiving type.

excuse me while I go cry about how emotional this book is and how perfect this story is

✨ Memories ✨ Name a book that holds special memories for you.

This was one of the first books featuring a Muslim that I ever read

✨ Belonging ✨ Name a book or character that struggled with belonging.

You just gotta read it to understand.

✨ Family ✨ Name a book that features strong family bonds.

This is inspired by Little Women and these sisters are just *sobs* this book was beautiful!

✨ Joy ✨ Name a book that brought you joy.

I mean… a dramatic and fun and romantic retelling of Pride and prejudice? Of course it brought me joy!

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