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24 Characters that have shaped my Personality

So because I'm 24 now (huh), I decided to share 24 characters that I absolutely love that have definitely shaped my personality in some way whether it be someone I aspire to be or someone who has definitely influenced some part of how I act or just characters I felt immediately connected to that I… Continue reading 24 Characters that have shaped my Personality

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What We Hunt the Flame means to me

Today, May 14th, marks one whole year of a life-changing book We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal and what better way to share my love and appreciation for this masterpiece than a whole blog post gushing about how much it means to me? So yeah... brace yourself, I'm about to go into full hype… Continue reading What We Hunt the Flame means to me

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Books That Changed my Life (Part 2)

This is a Part 2 of my previous post (which you can check out HERE). If anyone knows me in real life, my entire high school was defined by this trilogy. I was most definitely OBSESSED. I counted down to the first movie for about two years! I went to the midnight premiere for the… Continue reading Books That Changed my Life (Part 2)

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Books that CHANGED MY LIFE (Part 1)

I know most people tend to remember big events in their life in years, but I tend to remember my life in very weird flashes. I know that certain points in my life were dominated by certain books! For example, fifth grade? The year of Series of Unfortunate Events. The year my mom thought I… Continue reading Books that CHANGED MY LIFE (Part 1)

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January Releases I’m Excited for!

Alrighty, y'all. I have a list of amazing books you all should read when they come out this month! I really enjoyed Sarah Henning's writing in Sea Witch and I'm honestly a sucker for cute romances centered around things I know nothing about (like sports). Releases on January 7th! GOODREADS Okay not gonna lie I… Continue reading January Releases I’m Excited for!

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Book Recs based on my Spotify Top Ten

So I saw Michelle over @ Magical Reads on twitter do a thread about her spotify top ten with book recs! It looked fun and so here I am! Make sure to go follow her TWITTER and HER BLOG POST! https://twitter.com/magical_reads/status/1202812897442828289?s=12 https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1Etp6w4SrQbm5T 1. ONLY YOU by Little Mix I think I'm mostly basing it off… Continue reading Book Recs based on my Spotify Top Ten

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Webtoon Adaptations I’d LOVE to see

There are so many amazing WebToons right now and I'm so so so behind on everything but anyway, with the news of Lore Olympus getting an animated TV Show adaptation and The Wrath and the Dawn getting a webtoon animation, I thought I'd make a post about more adaptations I'd love to see! Firstly, here… Continue reading Webtoon Adaptations I’d LOVE to see

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All-American Muslim Girl BLOG TOUR!

Brought to you by the Street Team! Check out the full details below! I'm so so excited to introduce y'all to the All-American Muslim Girl blog tour on this RELEASE DAY! That's right! You can get the book TODAY! This is such a gorgeous book inside and out and I can't wait to hear what… Continue reading All-American Muslim Girl BLOG TOUR!

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Audiobooks ON SPOTIFY

SO If you're like me and love audiobooks but are also a CHEAP AF BOOK BUYER then you should totally try listening to audiobooks on SPOTIFY. YES. THAT'S RIGHT. There's not just music and podcasts but FULL BOOKS. I don't even have a premium subscription right now and only listen on my laptop, so it's… Continue reading Audiobooks ON SPOTIFY

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We Hunt the Flame Mini Playlist

So some of my blog buddies from the We Hunt the Flame street team (Team Pelusia for the win!) and I decided to do a fun little challenge together! We each chose a song or two that we think best represented each member of the zumra (aka: squad)! If you haven't ordered WHTF yet, GO… Continue reading We Hunt the Flame Mini Playlist