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Most Anticipated Books of February

Disclaimer: Any bookshop link included is an affiliate link. And if the book is from HarperCollins the link will direct you to the HCP Union bookshop page to support them! For more information about the HarperCollins Union, check out their page HERE. February 7 This Time It's Real LINK I absolutely adored Ann Liang's debut… Continue reading Most Anticipated Books of February

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Recent Contemporaries I’ve Enjoyed!

Since I unintentionally took a hiatus from blogging, I have a whole lot of thoughts on a good bunch of books! So here are some contemporaries I've really enjoyed! Just Like Magic by Sarah Hogle Sarah Hogle just has the best flawed characters because as much as you want to dislike the characters, you also… Continue reading Recent Contemporaries I’ve Enjoyed!

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Adult Books with Baking and Cooking!

If you missed the YA book recommendations featuring baking/cooking, make sure to check out that post HERE. Sweethand by N.G. Peltier was so much fun! Not only did it have a baking plot, but it also had the love interest in the music industry! I listened to the audiobook and had an amazing time! That… Continue reading Adult Books with Baking and Cooking!

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Books to read if you like TANGLED

There's not that many Rapunzel retellings and since Tangled is my favorite disney movie, I thought I'd share some books that may or may not be retellings of the story, but have the same sort of vibes whether it's the dynamic of the love interests or the general plot or the Mother Gothel villain type!… Continue reading Books to read if you like TANGLED

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YA Books With Baking and Cooking!

I love books that center around different hobbies! This is going to be a post of books that center around baking or cooking! This isn't a complete list, but these are ones that I've either read or want to read! I'll do a part 2 with Adult recs! Starting with the YA recs: A Taste… Continue reading YA Books With Baking and Cooking!

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Middle Grade March Recommendations!

So Middle Grade March is upon us and so I thought I'd share some of my favorite middle grade books as well as books on my TBR! *All links are for and are affiliate links. If purchased through the links i receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! 1 More to… Continue reading Middle Grade March Recommendations!

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Audiobooks that got me into them

I'm extremely picky about audiobooks. Usually I steer towards contemporary audiobooks because they require a little less focus and if I miss something, it likely won't affect the full experience! That being said, I've definitely found a few fantasy audiobooks that have hooked me too and that's solely because of the way the books were… Continue reading Audiobooks that got me into them

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24 Characters that have shaped my Personality

So because I'm 24 now (huh), I decided to share 24 characters that I absolutely love that have definitely shaped my personality in some way whether it be someone I aspire to be or someone who has definitely influenced some part of how I act or just characters I felt immediately connected to that I… Continue reading 24 Characters that have shaped my Personality

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What We Hunt the Flame means to me

Today, May 14th, marks one whole year of a life-changing book We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal and what better way to share my love and appreciation for this masterpiece than a whole blog post gushing about how much it means to me? So yeah... brace yourself, I'm about to go into full hype… Continue reading What We Hunt the Flame means to me

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Books That Changed my Life (Part 2)

This is a Part 2 of my previous post (which you can check out HERE). If anyone knows me in real life, my entire high school was defined by this trilogy. I was most definitely OBSESSED. I counted down to the first movie for about two years! I went to the midnight premiere for the… Continue reading Books That Changed my Life (Part 2)