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Most Anticipated Releases of 2022

Not gonna lie I never really look into what books are coming out for the whole year because I get too distracted and I have wayyyy too many books already to read. But this year I have so many that I’ve known about and am hyped about and I NEED THEM. I did manage to get some ARCs for some of these so the ones that I’ve gotten to read, I’ll include some thoughts!

Disclaimer: All links are my bookshop affiliate links so if you buy something using my link I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you!


Ivory Key by Akshaya Raman – I finished this and enjoyed it so much! The ending has me ready for book 2 IMMEDIATELY.

Salaam With Love by Sara Sheraf Beg – I was so pleasantly surprised by this book and it really warmed my heart! Would HIGHLY recommend!


All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir – I will read anything Sabaa writes and I’m definitely not ready for the pain she will inflict

Queen of Tiles by Hanna Alkaf – I mean… this just sounds so cute and heartwarming! Also, I love scrabble!

Stardust Thief by Chelsea Abdullah – Listen I will read anything inspired by 1001 nights sooooo

Tokyo Dreaming by Emiko Jean – I loved the first one and just know I’m going to love this one too!

Once Upon a K Prom by Kat Cho – I finished this in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down! It was absolutely adorable and so much fun!


12 to 22 by Jen Calonita – 13 going on 30 is one of my favorite rom coms so this is a given!

As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow by Zoulfa Katouh – I got to beta read this a few years ago and it was heartbreakingly beautiful and I just KNOW it’s going to wreck me again and somehow be even better than it already was!

Foul Lady Fortune by Chloe Gong – Do I really have to explain? Chloe Gong is a master at what she does and I will devour everything she writes

Love From Mecca to Medina by SK Ali – More ZAYDAM! COUNT ME IN.

Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn – Selwyn Kane. That is all.

The Whispering Dark by Kelly Andrew – This is dark academia and has a deaf protagonist and the author’s aesthetic on instagram is just goals!


Tempest Of Tea by Hafsah Faizal – I don’t even have to explain!

Kinder Poison 3 by Natalie Mae – I fell in love with the other two and am highly anticipating this third installment of the chaos royal siblings and the girl who was just sort of thrown into the mess.

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