Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: August 9th-22nd

Check out last time’s HERE. I’ve decided that because I haven’t actually been doing this weekly anymore, I’m going to aim for every 2 weeks!

  • Need tips on ARCs? Emma has some great tips! Congrats on 8 years of blogging! Check out the post HERE.
  • Want to try your luck requesting some books on Netgalley? Here is a list of amazing Latnix books you should check out (especially if you’re ownvoices!). Gabi always has amazing latinx recs!
  • Want some Black Authored books on your TBR? Matty has a great list HERE.
  • If you’re looking for some books that might give you wicked hangovers, here’s a list of some books Marie enjoyed!
  • Listen I’ve been lucky enough to have found some really amazing friends in the blogging community and Kate does a great job giving tips about how you can also find amazing friends HERE.
  • Shealea is back! I’ve always admired her blog and she introduced me to so many different facets of the book community and how to really find your place! Whether you’re starting out your blog now or if you’ve been in the community for a while, check out this post from Shealea about things she wished she had known before starting her blog!

My fave booktuber is back YAYAYYAYY for Sumaya!

I’m kind of in a happy mood now and I’m super excited to check some of these Instant Serotonin books!

I’m so excited to read so many of these books AHHHHH

I kind of want to do a tier ranking like this. I totally agree about Bianca’s ranking especially. I do think Hazel should be Best of All Time and Leo should be ranked higher but I got her points haha

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