Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: August 23rd- September 5th

Check out last time’s favorites HERE.

  • tHIS IS BY FAR THE FUNNIEST BLOG POST I HAVE EVER READ. Charvi really over here exposing their old fanfictions. iCONIC. Check out this post reacting to old cringy percy jackson fanfiction. Honestly amazing.
  • Not only did I add a few books to my tbr but I also LOVED reading about different characters Sophia would get along with in this post!
  • ATLA characters compared to book characters? I LOVE THAT. These were really spot on for the ones that I knew and the others are on my never ending TBR! Check out this post by Krisha!

I LOVVEEEE watching bookshelf organization videos and this one was so fun!

Julia makes some POINTS. I wouldn’t mind either way as an adaptation as long as it’s accurate but I’m totally on board with an animated one!

I have not laughed so hard while watching a video in forever. Absolutely iconic.

I LOVED getting to know Gargee’s favorite books and other things about her! Check out this booktube newbie Q and A!

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