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MidnighTS Book Tag (3 AM Edition)

Here’s a PART TWO to my Midnights book tag! And if you want, you should check out Amani’s tag HERE!

This song feels so heartbreaking but also has this overall theme of hope in a relationship working through the worst of times. A book that really reminded me of this overall theme of pain and hardship but lots of hope is As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow by Zoulfa Katouh!

Oh my goodness this song HURT SO MUCH IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. This is clearly Dead Romantics which I went in only thinking it was a rom-com and while it was funny and definitely had romance, the major theme was losing a parent and the grief that comes with that. IT HURT SO MUCH.

My favorite books to escape into are usually light rom-coms! Some recent ones I really loved were: See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon and Would You Rather by Allison Ashley!

I hope someone gives me more recommendations for this! I really enjoyed Frankly in Love

(Disclaimer: I didn’t look at Amani’s post until after working on these prompts, and funnily enough we have the same prompt for this one!)

Seoulmates by Susan Lee! It’s long lost friends to lovers and he’s a Kdrama actor AHHH

I hope people get really controversial with this one! The only one I know everyone will probably think of is Allegiant which fun fact, I didn’t even think that whole book was necessary I liked the open ending of Insurgent.

For DNF, books I’ve recently not wasted my time on is A Broken Blade by Melissa Blair. There’s a scene on page 80 where it felt like a very non consensual kiss that was meant to fall under the “enemies to lovers” trope that just absolutely turned me off and it just wasn’t interesting to me.

Right now, Babel is teaching me so much about languages it’s so interesting while also just being this phenomenal story that explores racism and colonialism, it’s FASCINATING.


8 thoughts on “MidnighTS Book Tag (3 AM Edition)”

  1. Ahhh I love these prompts and omg thank you so much for linking my post 🥹💕 It’s interesting because initially I thought Bigger Than The Whole Sky was a continued version of Back to December about regrets or (second chances that were not given )but I like that you talk about grief.


  2. Aah these are amazing!! I’m really enjoying these tags!! I agree with the big Great War being like lemon trees but I felt ñile “you’re on your own kid” was MADE for Salama 😭


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