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All-American Muslim Girl Book Tag

Thanks to Neelam from The Tsundoku Chronicles for tagging me in this book tag! Go give her a follow on HER BLOG and TWITTER. Make sure to check out her original post (HERE).

Want to know more about the book this is based on? Check out GOODREADS! You’ll also learn a little about the book through the tag questions! YAY!

Allie is the MC in All American Muslim Girl and when we meet her she begins to go through a journey of self discovery and finding where she belongs.
1) Share a book where the character goes through a journey of self discovery or about belonging.

My boy Eden really shines in this book!

Allie becomes friends with Dua when she meets her at a MSA fundraiser. Dua becomes a really great friend who is really supportive of Allie and her journey.
2) What books have great female friendships?

I wanted to be a spy for the longest time because of this awesome Girl Squad OF SPIES. Honestly, a big part of my childhood was admiring the Gallagher Girls!

Allie likes Wells but she’s afraid of telling him she is Muslim but he is very open and understanding.
3) What book has a great supportive and understanding male MC?

Michael is A SWEETHEART. (My first choice was Adam from Love From A to Z, but Neelam took that answer!)

Allie joins a Quran class and meets a great group of Muslim girls.
4) What book has a great group of friends? #SquadGoals

How can I NOT say the demigod squad? Gosh, they’re MY FAVES.

Jack Henderson makes a living from spreading hate and perpetuating stereotypes of Muslims.
5) What book deals with difficult issues? E.g. Islamophobia or racism

I love this book so much oh my gosh. People talked about it a lot for a while and then it sort of disappeared but THIS BOOK WAS PHENOMENAL AND EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT.

Allie has a wonderful relationship with her parents.
6) What books have supportive parents?

So this is a book about a woman who has to find a husband for herself before her parents arrange it for her. Doesn’t sound like a “supportive” environment, but trust me, Leila’s parents are very supportive! They just want the best for her child. You can’t help desi culture hahahah

Anyway, hope you enjoy this tag! I will tag a few people BUT ALSO IF YOU WANT TO DO IT, PLEASE FEEL FREE!


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