Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: March 15th-21st

Check out last week’s favorites HERE.

  • This was such a great post about Noura’s experience reading Kingdom of Back! Check it out HERE.
  • I love learning more about my own religion because there’s always more to learn! Neelam has a great post about Inspirational women in Islam HERE.
  • This was such a great interview with Rin Chupeco by USOM! Check it out HERE.
  • This was such a fun and creative post featuring some gorgeous dresses, actresses and books! Check it out HERE.

Book Roast is so open about mental illness and shows herself (and gives great advice) about small steps to help reduce anxiety!

Natalia is so wonderful and nice! And I love her enthusiastic videos!

I love watching unboxings and this had even more fun!

This came up on my recommended and this was the perfect video to watch this week!

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